The case law of the Tunisian Court of Cassation is only available in Arabic on the website of the Ministry of Justice:

Its content is as follows:

“A database has been set up for Tunisian case law comprising the judgments of the court of cassation since 1959, with 12,000 leading judgments.

This heritage will be consolidated by the new judgments that the Court of Cassation will produce in the future, and this in an instant manner, thanks to a computerized system in which the legal and judicial center will have a main role in the preparation of judgments in order to to publish them electronically on the portal, without waiting for the publication of public and private legal periodicals specializing in the field.

To access this case law, a window has been set up to search with various criteria such as a word from the text of the judgment, a keyword from the principle extracted from the judgment, its number, its legal reference or the date of its publication and this with the possibility of downloading the judgments, in full, or their general principles obtained from the research extracted from these judgments only. Lists comprising words and keys are offered to the researcher to facilitate the task of research.


It is pointed out that the basis of the case law is entirely in Arabic and therefore the search by object must be carried out in Arabic terms.